Glamping in Darlington

If you are looking for Glamping in Darlington then we might be able to help, we have been providing customers with our Glamping in Darlington, creating unique days and memorable occasion over the last 5 years. If you are looking for a stylish day with a Campervan holidays then get in touch and let us make your dream occasion happen with our Glamping in Darlington

Olive, originally from "The States", is a 1979 left-hand drive VW Westfalia Berlin Deluxe and we love her! She has an immaculate two-tone White over Beryl Green colour, so if you don't mind getting noticed you will fall in love with her too. We have carefully refurbished her in and out and she is a real beauty to drive. She has original Westfalia camping cabinets.

She has a two-litre engine to get you up the hills and excellent servo disk brakes to get you down again safely. She is the easiest VW we have ever driven.

She has an elegant and comfortable full matching leather trim, which is great for both Weddings and Camping and a Westfalia pop top, which sleeps two children and a double 'rock and roll' bed to sleep, two adults. All of which are really easy to use. Cupboards, Sink, Cooker, Fridge and even a small wardrobe to hang your "special going out" clothes.When camping, she also has an optional awning for more sleeping and living space when you are on site.

We specialise in Weddings, Parties, Corporate Events and any other special occasion, we are a Wedding Sweet Candy Cart with a difference.

We can make your wedding day or special event totally unique and a great surprise for all of your guests.We have a stunning vintage sweet shop set up to serve from of our Campervan holidays van, which your guests can visit to collect their sweets. The shop will be attended by a friendly assistant for the duration of your event.You can have the sweet shop set up either from the back, so you and your guests can explore the campervan too or set up from the side which offers a stunning display, the campervan is tastefully decorated and includes fairly lights if it gets dark.

Are you looking for a sweet unique way to treat your guests?

We are a fabulous twist on the classic Sweet Candy Cart and the only one we know of in the North of England. We would be great for Vintage Weddings and any wedding looking to add a bit of fun and that "something special" to the day.We would love you to invite Sweet Campers to complete your special day. We have a very friendly and fun approach, whilst offering the highest levels of service, our packages are listed above and can be tailored to meet your requirements and budgets.

As you can see we have all kinds of services for all and any events, we can make your day with our Glamping in Darlington and we are more than happy to help create your dream occasion with Glamping in Darlington. So if you are looking for Glamping in Darlington then get in touch.